Branson Ultrasonic Splicing System

Branson ultrasonic splicing system, Model 2032S, utilizes a retractable anvil and willautomatically sequence to produce the full range of splices required.
  » Model 2032S  
The 2032S is easy to maintain and access:
» Four levels of quality control
Weld power
Weld time
Wire pre-sonic height
Wire final height
» Critical tooling clearances and alignment donot change with use.
» Patented anti-side splice feature
» Precise, programmable adjustment of splicewidth
» Electronic pressure regulator to accuratelycontrol splice force
» Electronic amplitude control for precise onemicron adjustment
» Programmable sequencing of splices forautomatic switching after a preset numberfor optimum production efficiency
» Keyed connector

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Branson 2032S

Production Flexible Design

  1. Bench-top unit
  2. Mount in a workstation table
  3. Use with a barcode wandforinstantnon-programmable’ ‘just-in-time’ production
  4. Connect to a computer or network

Patented Anti-Side Splice Feature

One of most common causes forfield failures is side splicing

If the operator is allowed to place thewires flat on the tip, only the tangent pointof each cable is welded together; thisresults in an extremely weak splice.Branson patented anti-side splicefeature enables the operator toverticallystack the cables(Figure 2). This vertical stacking ofthe cables prevents side splicing andprovides the highest qualitysplice possible.

2032S Tooling

Aside from labor, consumable tool cost isthe largest expense in producing splices.AmTech’s replaceable tip technologyprovides high tool life at low cost.
Four welding surfaces on boththe anvil and tip offer low costoperation and quick change tooling
Ultrasplice® tips are moreeconomical than solid horn(sonotrode) technology, producingup to onemillion cycles depending upon splicesize and parameters
Tip rotation/replacement in less thantwo minutes for more system uptime.