EMS Stencil Printers

The EMS SP 20/20 is an ergonomically designed, bench top Stencil Printer with unique features for consistent and repeatable, high quality printing for SMT. High precision linear guide ways for squeegee support. Bearing support for stencil frame holder. Surface grounded PCB table ensures very high quality printing.

  1. Squeegee pressure is controlled and can be adjusted by pneumatic cylinder.
  2. Squeegee pressure can be varied with a front panel pressure gauge, assuring consistent printing.
  3. Stencil frame up / down movement is pneumatically controlled by a front panel switch which assures smooth snap-off of stencil from the board.
  4. Stencil frame repeatability is within 20 microns, adding to repeatable printing quality.
  5. Rigid clamping of PCB holding plate.
  1. Dual squeegee head for bi-directional leading edge printing for clear prints.
  2. Adapter bars to mount different stencil frame sizes.
  3. Single point Z-axis adjustment for PCB thickness variations.
  4. Four different squeegee assemblies to cater to different board widths (optional).
  5. SP 20/20 U with Universal jig for double side printing.

  1. Independent X, Y and Theta adjustments and locking ensures rigid clamping of PCB resulting in excellent repeatability.
  2. Optional tooling for double-sided printing.
  3. Front panel pneumatic switches for frame up / down and squeegee selection for forward /reverse strokes.
Salient features-
  1. Two models available SP1200 S for single sided printing and SP1200 D for double sided printing.
  2. Wide PCB and Stencil dimensions to cover both 2' and 4' LED Tube Light boards
  3. High Precision Dual Linear Guides for smooth and perfect movement of Squeegee Head
  4. Squeegee Head can be tilted by 40° for easy cleaning of Stencil and Squeegees and changing of Squeegees.
  5. Adjustable Squeegee angle upto 30° for both Squeegees
  6. Poly Urethane squeegee as standard and optional metal squeegee available
  7. Individually adjustable squeegee speeds for each squeegee
  8. Programmable Single squeegee stroke or Double squeegee stroke
  9. High accuracy flat PCB table for single sided board inSP1200 S and adjustable blocks & support pins for double sided printing in SP1200 D
  10. Fine X, Y, θ adjustments conveniently located for easy alignment of PCB with stencil
  11. PLC control with Touch Screen offering high reliability and ease of operation
  12. Password protection, PCB count, Auto/Manual mode, I/O status display for easy operation

EMS Make SAP 26 Semi automatic stencil printer The newly launched SAP 26 has print area of 350mm x 400mm uses motorized squeegee movement with double side printing capability.
It has following features-
  1. Print area- 300 mm x 350 mm
  2. Stencil size – 585 mm x 585 mm
  3. PCB Up-Down table movement uses AC servo control provides programmable Snap-off distance and speed .
  4. Settable squeegee movement speed
  5. Dual squeegee head with settable squeegee pressure
  6. PLC Controlled operation
  7. X, Y Theta manual control
  8. Universal PCB holding Jig with Double side printing capability
  9. Power 230V Single phase, 50 hz
  10. Z axis programmable servo control for PCB Snap-off