Machines for IC Transistors

Pneumatic cutting machine for loose radial components
The pneumatic machine TP/LN -500 cuts the leads of loose radial components by using a "guillotin" type lower blade. This model can handle any kind of components regardless of the diameter, pitch and form.

The force applied by the long cylinder, which is controlled by the foot pedal, allows to obtain the best result with particularly hard materials.

The upper plate to be always ordered with the machine determines the cutting height, which is standard at mm 3.2 (.125inc.) and the request hole layout.

Additional plates to increase this height can be supplied upon request, starting from 0.5mm(.019 inc).

The standard grid pattern accommodates most types of components. Special grid patterns plates can be provided upon request.

Pneumatic cutting forming machine for loose radial components
The model TP/LN- 100 is used for cutting the leads of loose radial components. It was designed to adapt to a very wide range of radial parts. The upper stationary plate determines the cutting height; the standard is = 3.2 mm(.125inc.).

Additional plates to increase this height can be supplied upon request, starting from 0.5 mm (.019 inc.). The pneumatic foot pedal controls the stroke of the lower plate, which performs a quick cut of the leads, without any stress to the components.

The plates have a standard grid pattern, to accommodate most types of components. Plates with special grid pattern can be provided upon request.

lateral cuts at most common pitches allow to easily handle warped leads.

Pneumatic Cutting forming machine for loose radial components
The model TP/SC4 is a very flexible pneumatic machine designed for cutting and forming loose radial components. Any of the available forms(see pages 30 and 31) can be used with the standard version with two cylinder(16.0100)is suggested to operate power transistors, when it is necessary to spread out and form the outer leads and sprad the central one. The simplicity of its operation and large assortment of forms make this moddel one of the most reliable machine available on the market. The foot pedal controls the stroke of the lateral dies, that fast cut and form. It is very quick and easy to change the complete ie assembly and / or the inner die when a different pitch is needed.

Each preforming assembly is supplied with all standard pitches. It is possible to obtai diferent pitches and special forms supplying OLAMEF with drawings and specification.

Forming machine for IC's components
The model TP/IC-f has been designed for straighteing the leads of IC components.

The same body structure of the TP6 line has been used with this model.

The machine is supplied with tube holder to accomodate components having .3 to .6 inc.pitch.

Same accessories for tube with different dimansions can be supplied upon customer requiest.

The feeding operation form tube to tube is fast and simple.

The motor drive unit MOT- ICF, with adjustable speed, with foot pedal, will make the operation automatic.

Cutting forming machine for transistor in tube
TP/TO-CF is anew automatic machine designed to cut and form transistors in tube (TO-220, TO-218, TO-126).All operations are controlled by a PLC.

The complete operation is fully automatic and each from needs dedicated die as well as each type of transistor requires dedicated clamping assembly and tube holder.

The full stick is introduced into the upper guide and a pnuematic system allows the component claping and its positioning in the working point.

After the leads have been lacked by the wire holder, the sliding dei performs the operation.

All mechanical parts slide on precise guides and the machine result extremely strudy and reliable in time.