PCB Separators

SEP1M motorized machine suitable to seprate pre-assembled Eletronic board. Precise, reliable and safe. The PCB is manually fed between the lower and upper blades using the scoring as reference. SEPARATION LEMGTH IS 380 mm. By pushing the boared horizontally, the blade rotation starts offering in a sharp and accurate cut. The Blade Height is adjustable depending on the thickness of the PCB. ADJUSTABLE SPEED.
SEP2M motorised Board separator designed for scored and pre assembled PCBs. The scrored board is placed on the lower liner blade. Separetion length is 450mm or 600mm. The upper blade run is controlled by a foot padel and the length of the cut can be programmed through push buttons located on the main control panel. The distance between the upper circular blade and the lower linear blade can be adjusted. The heighte of the front and back supporting table is also adjustable.