Machines for Radial Components

Cutting machine for taped radial components
The machie model TP6/r is designed for cutting radial components on tape. It can be supplied for two types of tape: i.e with hole pitch = 12.7 or 15mm( .5 or .59"). The high quality and reliablity of this machine ensure the best operation for a very long time.

Maintenance is mainly performed by cleaning the discs. The Motor drive unit |Mot98 driving with foot pedal also, and increase production. When working with components on reel we suggest the use of BR6 reel holder. The TNS is an accessory that helps with the enjection of the waste tape.

Pneumatic cutting forming machine for taped radial components
The model TP6/PR-PR is very versatile pneumatic machine designed for cutting and forming taped radial components.

|The foot pedal controls the down vertical stroke of the cylinder that moves the upper movable die, thus cutting and forming the components leads. The tape is manually fed into the die and the correct position of the component for a proper forming, is given by a front pin, that can be adjusted depending on the body diameter. The die assembly "SMS" is always equipped witha wire holder to keeps leads firm in position during the machine operation, to avoid any stress or damage to the part.

The replacement of the SMS, to change the form, just takes few minutes. The machine comes equipped with one SMS chosen by the customer. The same SMS will provide a veriety of pitches without having to make any adjustments. More than 10 forms are standard and available.

Cutting machine for loose radial components
The machine model TP6/TC4 is designed for cutting loose radial components. The speed control Knob allows to adjust the proper feeding speed. The manual component feed is quick and easy. Two belts hold the leads and feed them through the rotory blades, that cut them, without any bur and damage to the components.

The cutting height can be adjusted by turning an allen screw located on the right front guide.

A micro switch stops the electrical supply when the front guide is removed from the machine. The accessory BR3 can be attached to the machine when using taped radial components.

While the accessory |BR5 is attached to the TP/TC4 when it is necessary to cut the leads of transistors (TO220) directly from their sticks. Their assembly to the machine is very fast and easy.