Transfer Systems

Transfer systems are as versatile as their applications and fulfill different requirements. The efficient platforms with standardized stations cover an extremely broad application range, individually customized according to your requirements.
  » TransferLine SHU
  1. The modular designed system TransferLine SHU is an ideal entry model into automation as well as for complete solutions with complex installation jobs. The system consiststs of a base module and optional additional extension modules.

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  » TransferLine TSM
  1. The system TransferLine TSM is proven used in different industries. The single belt systemis mainly used for cables with extra wide cross sections.

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TransferLine SHU

Transfer Systems

Automatic and modular cable processing machines for the flexible configuration of various applications - Benefit from our extensive experience in processing even the most delicate applications. We integrate our proven standard processes in fully automated transfer systems customized to your individual production requirements
Technical Specifications
Processes & Specifications A number of proven and standardized stations allow for the following functions:
• Basic processes such as cutting, jacket- and    conductor stripping
• Colour recognition and orientation with the    Schleuniger camera system
• Crimping or welding of loose piece or taped    contacts
• Feeding and assembly of connector parts
• Crimp force and video camera based quality    monitoring systems
• Printers: Laser, thermo transfer, ink-jet
• Batch collectors for cable lengths of up to 10    m (0.006") or coiling and tying systems
• Cycle time: 2 – 3 s, depending on    configuration and cable length
• Cable length range: 150 mm – 10 m
   (5.90" – 0.006")
• Base module sizes: 6 / 9 / 12 or 15 stations
• Indexing step: 200 mm (7.87")
   (optional 400 mm (15.74"),
   double cycle for parallel operations, e.g.    cable feeding)