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OptiCon AdvancedLine

Inline AOI System for flexible Integration Opportunities

OptiCon AdvancedLine

The Advanced Line AOI system’s decisive advantage is the multitude of opportunities for inline integration into the production process. The system can be utilized at each position in a PCB production line. No requirements or specifications will remain unfulfilled as your boards can be transported in each direction.

The Advanced Line can be applied inline and also as a stand-alone system.

Additionally, the system captivates through opportunities with camera and illumination configurations. The sum of all components and parameters incl. high resolution and inspection safety guarantees the highest quality for your mounted PCBs.


  • maximum fault detection
  • unique illumination from infrared to ultraviolet
  • patented 360° inspection in 1° steps at constant resolution and definition


  • PILOT AOI - user software
  • reference database
  • program optimization by means of statistically recorded inspection data
  • fully automatic generation and optimization of test programs for THT solder joints with MagicClick

Extension Opportunities

  • rotatory angled-view inspection
  • laser height measurement
  • add-on camera with microscopic resolution

Integration Solutions

  • individual integration solutions (transport direction, inline verification station, usage of serial numbers)
  • extensive data interfaces to quality management and traceability systems (ZVEI standard, iTAC, customised)


Inspection Parameters

Orthogonal top inspection, angled-view top inspection

Image capturing technologyup to 48 megapixels, 24 bit colour depth
Resolutionup to 3.2 μm
Illuminationmultispectral, multi-directional
Inspection speedup to 60 cm²/s
Angled-view inspection0°–360° in 1° steps
PCB sizeup to 800 mm x 450 mm
Max. PCB weight5 kg
PCB clearance top sideup to 65 mm
PCB clearance bottom side50 mm
Smallest inspectable component01005 / Pitch 0.3

System Specifications

Inline interfaceSMEMA, Siemens, Sensor
Transportation directionsleft-right / right-left / left-left / right-right
Power requirements230 V AC / 1 kVA; 6 bar compressed air, consumption < 20 l/h
Dimensions (w x d x h)1,000 mm x 1,330 mm x 1,500 mm
Weightca. 580 kg
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