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HV Adapter Console AP01

HV Adapter Console AP01

Modular adaptation system for mating connector modules

The HV adapter console AP01 offers a simple possibility to realize a high voltage adaptation with mating connectors and consists of the following system components:

  • Console housing
  • Module carrier
  • User-Interface
  • Application specific carrier modules

Adapt small UUT quantities flexible, reliable and cost efficient

  • Ideal for contacting of small lots or of single pieces with mating connector modules
  • Modules quick exchangeable
  • Module carrier also available without console housing for the installation in 19“ racks

Ensuring of your product quality by high system availability

The high reliability of the adaptronic adaptations and test systems, our quick response service and more than 30 years of experience make a convincing contribution to the quality assurance of your products.

Console housing

  • Design in laminated wood
  • Recess for a module carrier 19“, 4 RU
  • Handles at the sides
  • Shelf for wiring tester, laptop, printer or likewise
  • Dimensions with handles (W x H x D in mm): 660 x 285 x 630
  • Dimensions without handles (W x H x D in mm): 550 x 285 x 630
  • Shelf dimensions (W x D in mm) : 550 x 300

Carrier Module (1)
The module carrier is designed for the installation of the application specific carrier modules and is equipped with mounting brackets for a reliable locking of the test point cables from the test system.

  • For installation of carrier modules and the User-Interface
  • Dimensions: 19“, 84 HP, 4 RU
  • Expandable with guiding rails and mounting brackets for the test point connectors
  • Locking devices on top and bottom for reliable locking of the carrier modules

Carrier module (2)
Preconfigured carrier module for the installation of an application specific mating connector and single wiring of the connector pins to the test point interface.

  • For installation in the module carrier
  • Aluminum front panel for the installation of a mating connector
  • Test point connector with 32 or 64 soldering contacts

User-Interface (3)

User-Interface slide-in unit for the module carrier with direct connection possibility to a wiring tester for comfortable operation of the test system.

  • 4 mm socket for pin number probe
  • „OK“ signal green
  • „FAIL“ signal red
  • High-quality test start pushbutton
  • Connection cable 3 m
  • Pin number probe, cable length approx. 1.3 m

The system components are available in the following configurations:

Adapter console complete (1AP01-3), consisting of:

  • 1 x Console housing with shelf
  • 1 x Base system

Base system (1AP01-4), consisting of:

  • 1 x Module carrier
  • 1 x User-Interface with connection cable
  • 2 x Carrier module AM0004
  • 1 set blind covers (6 x 10 HP)

Carrier module extra, consisting of:

  • Front panel 4 RU
  • Module board
  • Multipoint connectors (see table)
  • Assembly material

Carrier module


Number of male multipoint connectors / pins


16 HP

2 x 32-way


16 HP

1 x 64-way


16 HP

2 x 16-way


10 HP

1 x 32-way


10 HP

1 x 64-way

  • Adapter cables:





Type of cable

Flat ribbon cable

Round cable

Round cable


2 m

2 m

2 m

Number of test points




Max. test voltage / max. current

250 VDC, 100 mA

1500 VDC / 1050 VAC, 2 A

1500 VDC / 1050 VAC, 2 A


Connector according to DIN 41612 on both sides, multipoint connectors easy to exchange at wear

Electrically tested according to adaptronic test specifications

For testing cable harnesses in large quantities adaptronic offers:

  • Test consoles and test tables with and without safeguard equipment
  • Test table adapters AT 4000 with spring loaded contact pins, also for HV tests and tests of electro-mechanical features


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