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The model AP1200 is a high-precision full-automatic SMT stencil printer with very large pressure fields (up to 1200x300mm).
All printers are compatible with standard SMT frames with sizes from 400x300mm to 1600x630mm.

For high quality prints guarantee the 4-point ball screw drives with an excellent parallel separation of stencil and PCB. The programmable speed control for both doctor blade and separation of stencil and PCB are also standard devices such as the dual-camera system for fast printed circuit board orientation.


PCB Max Size
1200x300 mm

PCB Min Size
100 x 50 mm
 PCB Thickness
0.4 - 5 mm

Stencil Size 400 x  300 mm - 1600 x 630 mm
Repeatability +/- 0.01 mm

Printing Accuracy
+/- 0.02 mm
Printing Speed
10 - 120 mm/s

Transport Direction
Transport Speed
Speed 1 to 3 (by program setting)
Transport way
One Stage
PCB Fixture
Screw clamping system and vacuum
InterfaceSMEMA Interface
Squeegee Type
Metal / plastic squeegee (45°/60°)
Print Mode
Single or double side printing
Cleaning System
Dry / Wet / Vacuum
Fiducial TypeCircular / square / trianglar / etc...
Fiducial Size0.5 bis 3 mm
Operation System
Windows 7
PCB Holding
PCB Leveller & Vacuum Bar
Pressure Air Supplied
80 psi  (5.5 bar) @ 150 Litre/min 
Air Consumption
100 L / min
230V   50/60Hz   1300W
Power Consumption
500w (Normal Operation)
Dimension2300 x 1225 x 1530 mm (LxWxH)
Weight1050 kg
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