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Motorised counter for SMD components


Motorized counter for taped SMD Component counting. THis machine works in a simple way by counting the holes on the tape.

It can operate in two different ways.

Totalizer: components are counted from a zero reference, tape feed is motorized and the counter automatically stops at the tape end, to prevent loss of the total.

Present mode: the desires component number ie keyed on the keyboard and the counter automatically stops when it reaches the corresponding component.

All functions are easy to operate by the help of interactive message on the display, while system ststus is monitoried by means of LEDS near the control key. Motion control procedures are extremely simple, while special functions are grouped in separate section on the keyboard in order to prevent operator errors. The memory function allows partial counting for the same component type and memory call can show at any time the memory contents without loss of the actual counting data. Step number indication (division factor) is always present, showed on a two-digit display.

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