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EMS Soldamix

EMS Soldamix is a smart aid for preparation of solder paste before printing without opening the solder paste container lid, thus assuring no humidity absorption or contamination.

The solder paste containers are loaded into the bowls of EMS Soldamix and electronics timer is set, after pressing "Start" button the motor drives the mechanism for set time and the solder paste gets homogenuously churned due to the sun-planetary motion of the containers. The strong kneading power gives you "ready to use" uniformly mixed paste at room temperature in a short time of 5-15 minutes.

The timing of mixing can be set by an electronic timer. 

The machine has "Cover interlock" and "Emergency Stop" for added safety. 


  • Mixed Method       : By Sun-planetary motion of bowls.
  • Timer                    : Electronic timer settable from 6 sec. to 250 minutes
  • Temperature rise : 40 to 280C in 10-15 minutes
  • Paste Jar sizes     : Universal adapter can take 500gm or 1000 gm jars
  • Balancing             : By two solder jars at both ends or dummy weight at the end
  • Safety features    : 1) Door Micro Switch 2) Emergency off 
  • Power                   : 240V AC single phase 50/60 Hz, 100 W
  • Machine weight    : 40 Kgs.
  • Machine size         : 480 (L) x 480 (W) x 465 mm (H)
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