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EMST Stallion cc - PLC

Wave soldering machine - Carrier Conveyor

EMST Stallion cc - PLC

Wave soldering machine range offered by EMS Technologies comes in two combinations with Finger type conveyor for high productivity and Carrier Conveyer type suitable for batch
production. With over 20+ years of experience EMS Technologies has been well known brand in the SMT field.

The field proven Stallion Wave Soldering Machine is now introduced in PLC version with many more enhanced features.

Fluxer Options

Foam Fluxer

  • Stainless steel tank of 5 ltrs capacity with porous candle
  • External compressed air driven
  • Air knife to blow off excess flux back to the tank

Spray Fluxer

  • Modular design - Spray, Control & Infeed Modules
  • Auto spray as per length & width of board

Preheater Options

IR & Convection (for Carrier Models)

  • One IR and one Hot Air Convection Preheater
  • Total Length of 1000 mm & each 5KW
  • Intelligent power saving circuit between IR heater & Solder Pot

Solder Pot Options

150 Kg Lead Free / 170 Kg Leaded Pot

  • Available in SS, Nitrided SS or Titanium
  • Three Cartridge internal heaters for better efficiency
  • AC pump motor with speed control for uniform & stable wave height

Orbital 'O-Wave' SMD Option

  • Patented Italian Technology and field proven over years
  • Fin Assembly moving in narrow elliptical orbit inside nozzle area to
    create orbital wave
  • O-Wave speed and amplitude controlled by AC Motor
  • Orbital turbulence of O-wave eliminates shadow areas around SMD components


225 Kg Lead free / 255 Kg Leaded Dual Wave Pot

  • Available in SS, Nitrided SS or Titanium
  • Multi Jet wave for SMD soldering, covering the entire width
  • AC Motor with speed control for both Main and Jet wave
  • High Reliable External Plate heaters

Control and Interface

Machine Control

  • Overall Machine Control thru PLC
  • Independent PID control for Preheater & Solder Temperatures
  • Auto / Manual / Diagnostics mode with Password Protection


  • Touch panel for Operator Interface
  • USB Port for Data Logging
  • Extensive Monitoring of Alarm conditions with messages

Software Features

  • Wide range of functions built-in
  • Weekly / Daily Timer
  • Auto Wave ON
  • Auto Flux On (in Finger model)
  • Interlocks to prevent improper operation

Carrier (Pallet) Conveyor Model Features


  • Aluminum Extruded Conveyor Assembly to ensure Thermal compensation for perfect parallelism
  • Carrier / Pallets of Aluminum extrusion with Titanium fingers
  • AC Variable speed motor with closed loop Encoder for precise speed control

Carrier/Pallet Options

  • Carrier with adjustable center rod with fingers for accommodating additional rows for small PCBs
  • Wire type center support to avoid warping of PCB

Conveyor Angle

  • Manual adjustment of Conveyor Angle - 3°, 4° or 5°
  • Simple adjustment by shifting slots in bracket

Roll out and Exchangeable solder pot
(both Finger & Carrier models)

  • Solder pot can be easily rolled out for cleaning
  • Exchangeable pot assembly with motors, heaters, sensor etc available for quick exchange between Lead & Lead free pot
  • All connections of pot thru quick lock connectors
FeaturesStallion - cc PLC
Carrier Conveyor
Max PCB Size300mm (W) x 400mm (L), 12”x16”
Foam Fluxer Unit5 lit tank required external compressed air at 2 kg/cm3,900 lit / min
Spray Fluxer Unit5 lit gravity tank and 1 lit solvent tank.
Requires compressed air, at 5 kg/cm3 120 lit/min.
PreheaterOne IR & One Hot Air Convection,
1000 mm total length
Option - Both Hot air convection,
1000 mm total length
Soldering Unit150 kg (lead free) / 170 kg (lead) for O wave pot standard
225 kg (lead free) / 255 kg (lead) for Dual wave pot (Option)
45 to 60 minutes warm up time
Solder Pot MaterialNitrided Stanless Steel - Standard
Option - Stainless Steel or Titanium
Conveyor Speed0 to 2 m/min
Conveyor Angle4 & 5 deg.
Extraction Duct2 Extraction duct of 150mm dia on top
Exhaust Blower500 m/hr
Power Consumption 
With 150 kg pot16 kW
With 225 kg pot22 kW
Gross / Net Weight990 / 500 kg
Power Supply Voltage415V, 3 phase, 50Hz, (Other voltage on request)
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