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HV Measuring Adapter for E-Vehicles

HV Measuring Adapter for E-Vehicles

Work on e-vehicles with high-voltage components requires special protective measures for personnel.
This HV measuring adapter was developed in order to be able to perform maintenance work and safety-relevant tests on high-voltage systems.
The HV measuring adapter consists of the HV measuring box and a connector specific HV adapter cable set.


■ Determining / measuring the voltage-free condition in a HV system
■ Measuring the voltage in an activated HV system
■ Checking / measuring the insulation resistance in a HV system
■ Simulation of insulation faults in a HV system
■ Checking / measuring HV interlock or pilot line in a HV system
■ Opening / bridging HV interlock or pilot line are just some of the possible applications of this HV measuring adapter.


Features of the HV measuring box

■ Measurement sockets:
   ▪ HV+
   ▪ HV-
   ▪ Shield
   ▪ Pilot In (HV interlock)
   ▪ Pilot Out (HV interlock male)
   ▪ Pilot Out (HV interlock female)
   ▪ Quick change interface X1 and X2 for adapter cable set
■ Personal protection resistors
■ Measuring voltage max. 1000 V
■ Measuring current max. 16 A
■ Switch for simulation of insulation faults

Available HV measuring boxes                                                 Article no.:

■ HV measuring box with personal protection resistors                  7248821001
■ HV measuring box without personal protection resistors             724882Z001
■ HV measuring box „Crash Test“                                                7256931001

Application-specific interconnections of the HV measuring boxes with a detailed specification are possible on request.

HV adapter cable sets for the different HV connector types


■ Contacting by spring-loaded contact pins
■ Contour designed for 0-coding, protected against rotation (reverse polarity protection)
■ Locking by means of locking lever
■ Connection cables in 3 different lengths incl. connector X1 or X2

Available HV adapter cable sets in three different lengths (article no.):

Connector0.6 m1.2 m3.0 m


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