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KT 638

Solid and fastest high voltage tester

KT 638

Perfect for automated production lines.

■ Fastest high voltage tester on the market
■ Solid 19“-housing (new: lower depth)
■ 3 x USB and network for easy data handling
■ Up to 27 digital I/Os for control
■ All standard field bus systems available*
■ Prepared for pin-length measurement
■ Voltage measurement*
■ LCR measuring bridge*
■ Easy handling in stand-alone operation
■ Automatic learning of golden samples
■ Loading and saving of test programs
■ Comprehensive result reporting
■ Operation language selectable
■ Up to 512 test points
■ High voltage test up to 1500 VDC
■ High current test up to 2 ADC
■ Continuity test, short circuit test and component test
■ Microsoft® network interface
■ USB 2.0 interfaces
■ 2 GB storage for test programs and result data (expandable)
■ Remote maintenance via network


Technical features KT 638

Test points

max. 512

Low voltage test DC

Test voltage

max. 25 V

Test current

max. 2 A

Threshold continuity test

0.5 Ohm – 1 kOhm (optional four-wire measurement from 10 mOhm)

Threshold short-circuit test

20 kOhm – 1 MOhm (optional up to 5 MOhm)

Component test

Resistors: 0.5 Ohm – 1 MOhm (optional up to 5 MOhm

Capacitors: 10 nF – 20 mF (optional from 100 pF)

Diodes, Zener diodes, LEDs, suppressor diodes (3 – 23 V breakdown voltage) Varistors (max. 1300 V), surge arrestors

High voltage test DC

Test voltage

max. 1500 V

Insulation test

500 kOhm – 2 GOhm (optional up to 10 GOhm)

Breakdown test

Fast recognition of voltage breakdowns


Power supply

100 – 240 VAC (50 – 60 Hz)


3 x digital I/Os (Extern Interface, expandable up to 27 I/Os) for control, foot switch and signal lamp

1 x serial interface RS232 for control and printer

3 x USB 2.0 (1 x at the front-side) for data media, barcode scanner, keyboard and printer

Network / safety loop and warning lamp / pin number probe

Optional control via all common field bus systems

Dimensions (W x H x D, approx.)

450 mm x 150 mm x 395 mm

Scope of delivery

KT 638, main cable, mating connector and service connector for safety loop, pin number probe, USB flash drive with NT Control LT and documentation in PDF format


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