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Laser vision measurement - GAM - 70

Laser vision measurement - GAM - 70
  • All operations are easy and using Window’s interface in Chinese / English version.
  • Survey the thickness of tin solder by automatically and manually.
  • Survey the length and width manually, and the gap of tin solder.
  • Calculate the measure of area, the measure of cross section and the measure of volume automatically.
  • All surveyed values can be recorded to a file and be printed to a report.
  • Provide the diagrams of thickness distribution and control diagrams of X_BAR_R.
  • Calculate manufacture ability degree automatically (CP, CPK, CPM)
  • It can have separate record according to every different production line.
  • It can adjust focal distance in different thickness of PC boards.
  • It can be called to sample periodically.



  • Get the results of statics and analysis about all surveyed values in every thickness degree.
  • Inspect the quality of solder printing process.
  • Survey the thickness of tin solder.
  • Measure the dimension of tin solder.
  • Provide thickness and dimension measurement function for the objects.


  • Surveying the thickness of printing tin solder, length, height and gap.
  • Provide the references of thickness distribution values.
  • Provide the analysis of different measure of cross-section.
  • Calculate the measure of area and volume automatically in object which to be surveyed.
  • Provide all diagrams of statics and analysis.
  • Provide X Control diagram, R Control Diagram and thickness list diagram.
  • Provide X average Control diagram, Single point list diagram.
  • Calculating and printing of X and R control diagram.
  • Calculation and statics of Manufacture Ability Degree in CP, CPK, CPM and so on.


  • Die mould of fix soft board
  • Die mould of measure two-sided board
  • Steel measurement table by X-Y axis movement type

Menus and survey options

  • Displaying image in full screen
  • Easy sampling
  • Easy operating
  • Real time displaying and recording about all survey values.

Dimensions of Thickness distribution

  • Statistics and printing of thickness distribution diagrams
  • Display and print about all survey values
  • Analysis and statics about all survey values.


Visual Range

2.5mm x 2 mm

Focusing power


Measurement Table

350 (W) x 265 (L) mm

Repeat Accuracy

± 0.0035 mm


0.007 mm

Inspection method

Laser vision

Computer specification

IBM Compatible interface


15” LCD


Colour CCD Camera


LED Ring light


Focusing Control system

Power Consumption



Chinese / English version


110V, 60Hz / 220V, 50Hz


350 (L), 400 (W), 350 (H) mm


30 Kg.


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