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NT 800-2

Flexible tester for railcars

NT 800-2

System design:

  • Distributed test systems consist of a base unit (control unit and measurement electronics) and TPUs (Test Point Units), which contain the test
    points. The remote controlled TPUs can be arranged as satellites around the UUT.
  • High modularity in hardware and software
  • Later test point expansion on „plug and play“ principle
  • Large variety of application specific test point interfaces

System benefit:

  • Process optimization by reduction of cycle times and track occupation time
  • Reduction of serial production costs
  • Verifiable coverage of the relevant standards, e.g. DIN EN 50343 / EN 50155
  • Reduction of the adapter cable lengths up to 70 %

Usage especially for the test of large scale UUTs

  • Pre-fabrication and initial operation of railcars, locomotives, coupled carriages etc.
  • Supplying industry of vehicle components like cable ducts, switchboards, mounting plates, driver desks etc.
  • Flexible usage inside the test facility; centralized and decentralized arrangement of TPUs possible

Ensuring of your product quality by high system availability

The high reliability of the adaptronic test systems, our quick response service and more than 30 years of experience make a convincing contribution to the quality assurance of your products.


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