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Hand Solder
TopLine offers solder practice kits for all skill levels. All kits have everything you need, including PC Board and components.

Machine Run
TopLine has a wide range of placement kits for machine evaluation, experimentation and processes. Kits include PC board, and components packaged on tape or in tubes or trays for placement by machine

Kit NameMain Components
QFP ToolQFP Lead Straightening Tool
B-24 BoardSIR Test Board
B-25 BoardSIR Test Board
B-36 BoardSIR Test Board LCC68
FC176 Flip Chip Substrate176 Bump Flip Chip 204µm
FC88 Flip Chip Substrate88 Bump Flip Chip 204µm
FC317 Flip Chip Substrate317 Bump Flip Chip 254µm
FC220 Flip Chip Substrate220 Bump Flip Chip 204µm
CBGA196 Ceramic Substrate4x CBGA196 1.27mm pitch
CBGA1089 Ceramic Substrate2x CBGA1089 1.27mm pitch
FC96 Flip Chip Ceramic SubstrateFC96 Flip Chip 457µm
FC96 Flip Chip SubstrateFC96 Flip Chip 457µm
FC48 Flip Chip Ceramic SubstrateFC48 Flip Chip 457µm
FC48 Flip Chip SubstrateFC48 Flip Chip 457µm
Beginner's Throughhole24 Traditonal Throughhole Components
FC112 Flip Chip SubstrateFC112 Flip Chip 152µm
Re-certification by HandLow Cost Mixed Technology for Re-certification
Multilayer Lead Free ThroughholeDIP14 Daisy Chain + Connector + Zero Ohm Resistors + Capillary PTH Test
Mixed Technology 2Fine Pitch SMD and BGA, Chips and Throughhole
Multipurpose Throughhole Machine Run900 Plated Throughholes
Multipurpose Throughhole Hand Assembly900 Plated Throughholes
BGA352-BGA400 KitBGA352 1.27mm & BGA400 1.5mm (OBSOLETE)
Machine RunLarge board 9"x8" chips, BGA, TQFP, TSOP, PLCC
Challenger 1See new Challenger 2 #928001
µBGA TV46Tessera µBGA CSP46 0.75mm pitch
µBGA TV74Tessera µBGA CSP74 (Obsolete)
µBGA TV188Tessera µBGA CSP188 (Obsolete)
Beginners SMTSimple Kit with PLCC, SOIC, SOT, Chips
SMD Introductory KitQFP, PLCC, SOIC, SOT, Chips
Practical Hand KitQFP, PLCC, SOIC, SOT, DIP, chips
Challenger 2 KitQFP, BGA, PLCC, SOIC, SOT, Chips
Jumbo Chip Kit0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 chips
µBGA TV62Tessera µBGA CSP62 RAMBUS 0.8mm/1.0mm (Obsolete)
µBGA TV208Tessera µBGA CSP208 RAMBUS 0.5mm (Obsolete)
Stencil Eval 0.3mm PitchTQFP, QFP, BGA, TSOP, PLCC
Stencil Eval 0.4mm PitchQFP, BGA, TSOP, PLCC
BGA256/272 KitBGA256/272 Pitch 1.27mm
Econo Kit 2TQFP, SO, DIP, Chips
Econo Kit 3QFP, PLCC, SO, DIP, Chips + throughhole
Monster KitSee 948001
0.3mm Pitch KitTQFP168 (obsolete)
Rework Practice 2QFP, PLCC, SOIC, SOT, chips
Universal BGA 1.27/1.5mmBGA for 1.27mm and 1.5mm pitch without daisy-chain
Multiple BGADaisy-chain Top: BGA196/256/272/352/388   Back: BGA225/352/388
Monster Kit 2Combines Advanced 930001 and Challenger 2 Kits 928001
0201 / 0401 Kit0201 chips on top side and 0402 chips on back side of board. Daisy Chain
SABER Array4-Board array Mixed Technology designed by SMTA fine-pitch, BGA, TSOP, SIR coupon, Wave solder coupons, etc
Multiple CBGACBGA121,196,256,304,361,625 on FR-4 Board
B-52 SIR TestCleanliness & Residue Evaluation Test IPC-B-52 Compatible
Visual Placement InspectionAcrylic with sticky surface for BGA 1.27mm and 1.5mm pitch
Visual Placement InspectionAcrylic with sticky surface for µBGA and CSP 0.5mm to 0.8mm pitch
Visual Placement InspectionAcrylic with sticky surface for 0.8mm and 1.0mm BGA
Visual Placement InspectionAcrylic with sticky surface for Flip Chip 204um, 254um and 457um pitch
Visual Placement InspectionAcrylic with sticky surface for Flip Chip Grid Lines 4mil to 20mil
Visual Placement InspectionView of Layers of Typical Visual Boards
HP Saber Alloy Test Kit4-Layer SABER PCA OSP
Die Bond KitDie Bond to QFN48 Lead Frame with daisy chain
CLGACLGA239, 334, 383, 559, 608, 944, 1007 with daisy chain
CBGA196 and CBGA625CBGA196/625 with daisy chain
BGA1225 and BGA1089BGA1225 & BGA1089 with daisy chain
Machine Diagnostic Kit3 Machine Diagnotic kits: Speed, Rotational & Fiducials
TSOP32 Kit9 each TSOP32 0.5mm pitch
Fiducial EvaluationQFP100 with 10 different fiducial marks
BQFP132BQFP132 25 mils
QFP160QFP160 0.65mm Pitch
Rotational Placement 360°TSOP, SO, Chips
Multiple QFP 0.4mm to 0.8mmQFP120, QFP160, QFP208, QFP256
QFP208QFP208 0.5mm Pitch
QFP256QFP256 0.4mm Pitch
Universal BGA 0.5mm - 0.8mmUniversal BGA with non-daisy chain pads for 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 0.8mm pitch
Chip Shooter 0402 / 06030402 and 0603 Chips Daisy Chain
Rework Practice 1QFP, PLCC, SOIC, SOT, chips
BGA169 / 225 Daisy Chain TestBGA169 and BGA225 1.5mm pitch
Chip Shooter 0805 / 12060805 and 1206 Chips
Mixed Technology 1QFP, PLCC, SOIC, Chips, DIP
SMD Bread BoardSnaps apart for Prototyping
Sample Display Boards for Show & TellParts mounted in plastic case
Not used Internal Use
CCGA1089 - 1.27mm (SRO 35mil) and CCGA1247 - 1.0mm (SRO 33mil)Column Grid Array FR4 Board
BGA1600 - BGA1936BGA1600 and BGA1936 1.0mm Pitch
QFN Board20 Different QFN 0.4mm~0.65mm , 3mm ~ 12mm , 8L ~ 80L
Metcal Rework Practice BoardRework Practice Board 3
Rework 3 KitRework Practice 3 Kit
NASA Solder Training BoardThroughhole Practice Board
01005 / 0201 ChipDaisy Chain Zero Ohm Chip Board
Universal BGA 1.0mm / 0.8mmUniversal BGA board for 1.0mm and 0.8mm pitch
Lead Free QFP208QFP208 with Ni-Pd leads and tin board
Lead Free 0805 / 1206 chips0805 and 1206 chips with tin terminations and tin board
Lead Free 0402 / 0603 chipsLead Free 0402 and 0603 chips
Lead Free BGASee 947 board
Lead Free BGA and Fine PitchLead Free BGAs, QFP, chips
BGA and Fine PitchHASL Sn/Pb version of 986001
Global Fiducial OnlyGlobal Fiducial Only 5.5" x 8"
Fine Pitch BGA 0.8mm / 1.0mm PitchBGA676 1.0mm and BGA100 0.8mm pitch
Fine Pitch BGA 0.8mm / 1.0mm PitchBGA672 1.0mm and BGA100 0.8mm pitch
BGA172 - 1.0mm Pitch 12mm12-Layer Board BGA172
CGA1752 - 1.0mm Pitch4-Layer Board Column Grid Array
BGA1752 - 1.0mm Pitch4-Layer Board Ball Grid Array
BGA324 - 1.0mm Pitch 23mmBGA Concentric Ring Cleanliness Board
BGA272 - 1.27mm Pitch 27mmBGA Concentric Ring Cleanliness Board
BGA676 - 0.8mm Pitch 23mmBGA Concentric Ring Cleanliness Board
BGA2025 - 0.4mm Pitch 21mmBGA Concentric Ring Cleanliness Board
BGA SubstratesPractice Substrates for BGA Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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