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Test Consoles PT 60 , PT 40

Test Consoles PT 60 , PT 40

Functional –economic –compact

The PT 60 test console is the reasonable and space saving alternative to test tables and so another component of the adaptronic building set for the construction of comfortable and high quality test systems for the wiring test of small cable harnesses.

The test console is prepared for the connection of adaptronic testers of the different series and adapters of the type AT4000. Test systems with different test voltages and test point extensions can be configured and built easily.

Adjusted operating software
The used tester will be equipped with an operator software especially set up for test table applications. So table specific functions like

  • automatic adapter scan
  • control and display of adapter LEDs
  • adaptation test etc.

are also available with the test console.

The mounting of AT4000 type adapters in the test console is realized without the use of assembly rails. So the adapter layout, predetermined by the UUT, can be changed individually. The mounting of simple up to complex adapters with most different mechanical dimensions is easily possible without modifications of the test console.
Caused by the modular and flexible construction, an adaptation to a new or modified UUT can take place every time.

PT 60 Options

Work station illumination

High quality fluorescent tubes and light guiding comb for consistent and anti-glare work area illumination. Mounting on provision made of aluminum profiles.
ON-OFF-switch at the front side.

Safety hood for high voltage / high current applications

Manually lockable safety hood with safety switch for touch protection at high voltage or high current tests.

Profile as protection against slip off

Quarter profile over the complete width installed at the console front edge as protection against slip off of UUTs, tools etc.

Side parts swivel-mounted

For maintenance and modification purposes the side parts on the left and the right side can be swivel-mounted.

  • Aluminum side parts with hinges
  • 3 captive knurled screws for locking the side parts

Underframe with rolls

  • Underframe made of aluminum
  • 2 side plates and 1 bottom as storage place, e.g. for a tester
  • 4 rolls, 2 with brakes
  • PT 60 solid connected with the underframe
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