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SPI Line · 3D

Fast Inspection of Solder and Sinter Pastes with SPI Line · 3D

SPI Line · 3D

The inline inspection system for printed solder paste is characterized by a wide measuring range. Conventional solder pastes with a height of 80 μm to 150 μm can be measured just as well as sinter pastes with a height of only 20 μm. The system is available in various resolution configurations.

The solder paste depots are inspected according to the criteria of shape, height, area, bridges, volume, x/y offset and coplanarity.

The sinter paste inspection also includes the detection of particles, notches, holes and frayings in the depot.


  • high-precision 3D image acquisition through fringe projection technology without moving parts
  • speed-optimized camera head
  • double-sided projection for 100% shadow-free measurement
  • measuring paste heights from 20 µm

Differences Solder Paste and Sinter Paste

AttributeSolder PasteSinter Paste
Paste Height80 µm … 150 µm20 µm … 50 µm
Paste Area~ mm²~ cm²
Structural Size (Paste)25 - 45 µm< 3 µm
Test FunctionsHeight, Area, Volume, Offset, Form, BridgingHeight, Area, Volume, Offset, Form, Bridging, Particle, Notches, Holes, Frayings


  • PILOT SPI - user software
  • touchscreen interface
  • generation of test programs in less than 10 minutes via SPI Wizard
  • closed loop to paste printer
  • data connection with AOI/AXI on a combined repair station
measurandsform, height, volume, bridges, X/Y offset, coplanarity, surface area
camera / projector4 megapixel, 180 fps, double-sided projection
X/Y resolutionconfiguration : 20 μm
configuration 2: 15 μm
configuration 3: 10 μm
Z Resolution0,2 μm
Z measuring accuracy (no target)up to 1 μm
Z measuring area1000 μm
inspection speed standard up to)configuration 1 : 90 cm²/s
configuration 2: 51 cm²/s
configuration 3: 20 cm²/s
inspection speed highspeed up to)configuration 1 : 290 cm²/s
configuration 2: 200 cm²/s
configuration 3: 110 cm²/s
volume repeatability (on target)< 0,5 % bei ± 3
volume repeatability (on PCB)< 2 % bei ± 3
gage R&R<< 10 % bei ± 6
illuminationflexible multi-spectral, multidirectional lighting for fiducial and barcode/2D code recognition
max. PCB size680 mm x 510 mm
min. PCB size60 mm x 60 mm
top side clearance50 mm
bottom side clearance30 mm
max. PCB thickness5 mm
min. PCB thickness0,3 mm
max. PCB warpage± 5 mm
max. PCB weight5 kg
program generationsimple programming in typically less than 10 minutes
offline programmingyes
data importGerber data import (RS-274-X, RS-274-D), CAD, ODB++
closed loopto paste printer


operating systemWindows 7 (64 bit)
inline interfaceSMEMA, Siemens, Sensor
energy requirements230 VAC / 2 kVA; compressed air 6 bar, consumption < 20 l/h
transport directionsleft-right / right-left / left-left / right-right
dimensions (wxdxh)1000 mm x 1330 mm x 1500 mm
weight580 kg
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