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Testing of Automotive Ethernet cables according to OPEN Alliance TC2/TC9 specification


Twisted pair Ethernet cables are increasingly being used in vehicles to transmit high-frequency signals. The TD2400-HF offers the ability to sample these cables in the production environment with a complete, easy to use test system. The adaptronic control software NT Control guides the operator through the necessary tasks, performs the test automatically and reports the result. A measuring laboratory is therefore no longer necessary. The test setup is more comprehensible for OEMs.

With the fully integrated Keysight network analyzer E5071C with 4 ports and a measuring range up to 20 GHz and its calibration equipment as well as adapter boards, a high-precision measuring instrument with the following additional features is available:

■ Adaption to cable length
■ Automatic recognition of recalibration
■ Suitable for measurements according to OPEN Alliance specification TC2 (100 Mbit/s) and TC9 (1 Gbit/s)

The cable routing is also carried out according to the specifications of the OPEN Alliance TC2 and TC9. The UUT-dependent routing is displayed on the monitor.

NT Control software for
■ Test program management
■ Supporting the routing process of the UUT by displaying the laying path
■ Controlling the network analyzer
■ Checking and calibration the test setup

Other equipment (optional):
■ Scanner
■ Label printer
■ Reporting

Main components:
■ Test table with insulated laying surface and laying aids designed according to specification TC2/TC9
■ Network analyzer Keysight E5071C with accessories
■ PC with adaptronic control software NT Control


Technical Data TD2400-HF

UUT length

0.5 – 15 m


MATEnet (TE), other on request

Specification of testing types

According to OPEN Alliance TC2 / TC9

Checking of test setup / Calibration

Fixture-Test before every test

Calibration-Test with following Thru-Test to check the calibration

Power supply

230 VAC, 50 Hz

Dimension test table (W x H x D, approx.)

2470 mm x 1110 mm x 1090 mm (without illumination)

Scope of delivery

TD2400-HF with network analyzer, control PC, USB flash drive with documentation in PDF-format


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