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Test probe testing open wire ends with complete report of the tests


■ Automatic support of the operator for the locating of open wire ends and connections in control cabinets / control boards
■ Comfortable operation via display and operating elements in the grip housing
■ Reporting of all test results in NT Control:
  ▪ Wire information
  ▪ Connection points
  ▪ Measurement results
■ Operation with two test probes for both-sided open wires
■ Functions:
  ▪ Continuity test
  ▪ Voltage measurement AC/DC / external voltage detection (optional)
  ▪ Component test (switches, resistors, diodes…)
  ▪ Usage as pin number probe
■ Exchangeable test tip
■ Work area lighting

■ Easy integration into the test procedure through NT Control link list editor and component editor
■ Intelligent test program generation by importing of open wires from wiring lists
■ Suitable for compact, modular and distributed test systems
■ Can be disconnected and connected during test at test systems with several OWP interfaces
■ Saving adapter cables by using the Open Wire Probe
■ Professional support for testing individual pieces or initial samples


■ Support of the operator for the locating and connecting of open wire ends and components
■ Communication via display, status displays and acoustic signals
Operation modes:
   ▪ Automatic mode: test system scans the still open connection. With successful test the next wire will be displayed and scanned automatically. In case of a fault the status has to       be confirmed manually.
   ▪ Manual operation: test system scans the still open connection. The current state, failed or passed, will be displayed. Both states have to be confirmed manually.
   ▪ The Open Wire Probe can also be used as a conventional pin number probe.
■ Work area lighting can be switched on and off.

■ Ergonomic plastic housing with test tip for contacting wire ends
■ Status display via background color of LC-display
■ 4-line LC-display, backlighted
■ Operation mode switch AUTO / MAN
■ Acoustic signaling device for a successful continuity test (can be switched off)
■ Test tip can be exchanged with adaptation wires / test tips via 4 mm connector technology

Test system interfaces

Interface module for tester series NT 400, NT 600 und NT 700
■ Interface module for integration into the test box
■ Connection possibility for two OWP03

Interfaces for Test Point Units (TPUs) with NT 8xx
(without image)
■ Integrated into the respective rear side of a TPU
■ Connection possibility for two OWP03

New connector with snap lock for easier handling.

Open Wire Probe in the test system

■ The Open Wire Probe OWP03 can be used with testers of the series NT 400, NT 600 and NT 700 as well as with Test Point Units (TPUs) of distributed test systems of the series NT       800. Relevant hardware interfaces are available optionally.
■ Control software NT Control
■ Specific software features:
   ▪ Programming of connections in the link list
   ▪ Programming of components in the component list
   ▪ Individual definition of the testing order of open wire ends
   ▪ Setting of continuity test parameters for open wires (resistance, current, voltage…)
   ▪ Setting of individual component parameters (resistance value, voltage…)
■ Operation with two test probes for testing both-sided open wires


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