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Cutting bending forming machine for axial components vertical mounting


The model TP6/V-PR is designed for cutting and bending taped axial components for vertical mounting.

The standerd form obtianed will lock the components into the P.C. Board. The mechanism used with this model allows to change the height of the form and the lemgth of the protrusion. The Pitch can be changed by replacing the preforming die assembly. This model handles components with lead diameter from 0.5 to 0.8 mm(.019 to .031inc.).

The CS20 loose components feeder is an accesory that attaches to the TP6/V-PR to handle loose parts. Its assembly to the machine is very quick and easy. The Motor drive unit MOT98/A driving with foot pedal also, and adjustable speed will make the operation automatic and will increase the production with both tape and loose components. When working with components on tape and reel we suggest the use of the BR6 reel holder. THe TNS is an accessory that helps with the enjection of the waste tape.

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