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Pneumatic, automatic cutting and forming machine for taped radial components


The model TP6/PR-PR is very versatile pneumatic machine designed for cutting and forming taped radial components.

|The foot pedal controls the down vertical stroke of the cylinder that moves the upper movable die, thus cutting and forming the components leads. The tape is manually fed into the die and the correct position of the component for a proper forming, is given by a front pin, that can be adjusted depending on the body diameter. The die assembly "SMS" is always equipped witha wire holder to keeps leads firm in position during the machine operation, to avoid any stress or damage to the part.

The replacement of the SMS, to change the form, just takes few minutes. The machine comes equipped with one SMS chosen by the customer. The same SMS will provide a veriety of pitches without having to make any adjustments. More than 10 forms are standard and available.

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