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Wire XL

Wire XL

Multi connection machine

These high Performance Multi Connection Machines with continuously variable and programmable features has been developed for special applications in the Connection technology. This Wire XL is distinguished by the extreme constant quality of the connection process. Simple in use and the modular set-up makes this system an excellent production tool. The Wire XL systems can be supplied as a semi-automatic respectively full automatic system and in an execution as complete production line.

Range of Technologies

  • When it comes to the serial production of crimped or spliced connections and other cable processes, the key factor is that the components to be connected are held and positioned precisely to one another. This results in the highest possible degree of process reliability and uniform results.
  • Servo-controlled stripping station for standard applications and for cables in high-demand applications
  • Automatic crimping stations
  • Splicing stations
  • Soldering and resistance welding stations
  • Process control systems
  • Stamping and bending tools
  • Feeding systems for contactors and bulk goods
  • Other possibilities on request

Equipment variants

  • Transfer unit until 5 stations
  • Rotary table
  • Align inner conductor
  • Polarity detection
  • Spreading inner conductor
  • Quality Control stripping
  • Crimp force Analyser
  • Quality Control Crimp
  • Assembling the housing
  • Automatic unloading
  • Separate Bad pieces


  • Modular system concept for the highest flexibility
  • Use programming through macro instructions
  • Menu type user- and program interface instructions will be shown
    on-line and taken over by the program through a touch screen contact.
  • User instructions and programming through touchscreen
  • Visualisation (graphical display)


  • Simatic S7
  • Visualisation through touch screen
  • Interface: Serial, Ethernet, Profi bus, USB
  • Integration into production line through Profi bus uncomplicated possible


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