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Stallion 400 Fc

Finger conveyor Wave soldering machine

Stallion 400 Fc

To cater to versatile needs of the industry and various complex PCB types, EMS Technologies is proudly launching Stallion 400fc – nger conveyor type wave soldering machine. This machine is result of 25 years of manufacturing experience over wave soldering, stencil printers, reow ovens and continuous in-house Research & Development.

This is being introduced to cater high production needs and also to cater bigger PCB sizes used in Defence, Aerospace, Television and set-top box, complex applications requiring multi-layered boards.The unique enhanced PCB width along with top and bottom pre-heating systems is ready to cover demanding needs at the same time maintaining high output with reliable soldering quality.

Stallion 400fc was launched at LED Expo, Delhi and was well received by various industry experts/leaders visiting the show.

  • WSM 400 machine is with PC windows 10 operating system that provides pull-down menus based on SCADA software.
  • Data logging traceability feature enables the user to select the important process parameters for which data collection is desired, either board-based or time-based.
  • Multi-level user access
  • Conveyor system working with 400mm
  • Rails width - Automatic / manual inching. Motorised width adjustment with VFD.
  • Preheating length - 1800mm
  • Solder bath capacity - 350 kgs.
  • Titanium fingers ensuring long life
  • High power mechanical pump to meet the wave as high as 15mm
  • Closed loop PID temperature controller
  • Top preheater (Select models)




Max PCB Size

Max width 400mm

Machine Dimensions

3700 mm x 1300 mm x 1650mm

Overall Dimensions

4660 mm x 2580 mm x 2220 mm

PCB Loading height

750 mm

Gross / Net weight

1200 kg / 800 kg.

Foam Fluxer


Foam Fluxer Unit

5lit tank required external compressed air at 2kg/cm3 , 900 lit / m

Spray Fluxer


Spray Fluxer unit

5 lit gravity tank and 1 lit solvent tank

Requires compressed air, at 5 kg / cm3 120 lit/min

Flux spray start / delay as per PCB length



Preheat Length

Independently controlled multi-zone preheaters

Qty. 3 at 6’ (1.8m) Hot Air Convection

“Option” with qty. 1 at 2’ (600mm) Top IR preheater

Total length 1.8 m

Max preheater temp – 2000C

Solder Tank


Soldering Unit

350 kg (lead free) / 350 kg (lead) for dual wave pot

100 minutes warm up time  

Solder Pot Material

Nitrided Stainless steel – standard

Solder tank up/down


Solder Tank Stan in/out movement

Motorised roll-out pot provides easy access.

Pot rolls to front of machine: requires less floor space

Exhaust above the solder area



Conveyor Speed

0 to 2 m / min

Conveyor Angle

4 & 7 deg

Conveyor width adjustment

Motorised conveyor width adjustment with VFD (Manual / Auto)



Extract duct

2 Extraction duct of 150 mm dia on top

500 m/hr

Electrical supply


Power consumption

34 kw

Power supply voltage


Control system


Machine control


Software and controls

Windows 10 PC Based SCADA Software



Data Security

Password protection for various levels

·         Factory setting

·         Supervisor setting

·         Operator setting

User Interface Design

1.       Auto mode

2.       Manual Mode

3.       Weekly timer

4.       Edit Parameter

5.       Alarm History

6.       User Creation

7.       Faulty monitoring and reporting system

8.       Data logging of all critical machine parameters and trending are standard in the machine software

Spray Fluxer Technical Data


Compressed Air Supply

Clean dry and oil free air at 4 to 6 bar 100-120 lit/min

Nozzle air consumption

46 lit / min at 1 bar

Spraying width

Full cone diameter of 60mm at spray distance of 60mm

Spray Distance

40 – 60 mm from PCBA bottom to top of nozzle

Glider speed

0 to 17 m / min at 0 to 300 mm travel stroke

Flux types

Water soluble / no clean / VOC free

Flux solid Content (%)

Up to 36%

Flux spray pressure

0 to 2.5 bar

Conveyor speed limit

0 to 2 m/min



Finger type

V or L type

Wave Height

Upto 15 mm

The wave height is controlled via the pumping rotation speed.


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