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The corrugated tube cutting machine WSM60 ESB is suitable to cut corrugated tubes on the wave crest or to cut tubes of special geometries in a burr-free procedure. The WSM60 ESB was particularly designed to process tubes of special forms, as for example applied in the automotive industry, medical industry and white goods.

The WSM60 ESB is also suitable to cut non-slitted corrugated tubes of 7 – 60 mm outer diameter.
The cut is carried out in rotation mode, where the cutting blades turn continuously round the product to cut the material at the precise position at the specified length. Clamping jaws, which fixate and stabilise the tube during the cutting process, are additionally available and are selectable. Up to 3 clamping-jaw-forms can be applied and selected by means of the machines’ control panel.

The tube position is identified by a high-resolution camera system. Alternatively, standard corrugated tube material can be positioned by a laser light barrier.

For in-line-operation with an extrusion system, additional accessories such as discharge conveyor, jet air device etc., are available. The WSM60 ESB processes from right to left. Processing from left to right is alternatively available on request.

The WSM60 ESB can optionally be fitted with a slitting unit, which is able to slit the standard corrugated tube longitudinally.

Drive motor:servo
Drive cutting head:three-phase motor
Feeding length:1000 / 2000 mm
Length:2100 mm
Depth:950 mm
Height:2000 mm
Control panel:membrane keyboard
Display:German / English
Operating hours and


Stop at end of material:included
Length input:0.1 mm steps
max. length input:999,999 mm
Central conveyor adjustment:electrically
Throughput height/-width:up to 60 mm
Weight:500 kg approx.
Air supply:6 bar / 87 psi
Power supply:3 x 400 V / N / 50-60 Hz
Speed:up to 140 m / minute
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