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X Line - 3D

Inline AXI system for high-end inspection in mass production

X Line - 3D

The X Line · 3D is an inline AXI system for high-end inspection in mass production. It is used for quality assurance in complex and high-quality assemblies at a high testing speed.

The three-dimensional X-ray inspection captures both the top and bottom sides within a continuous process. By combining X-ray inspection (AXI) with an AOI module, inspection tasks can also be carried out which are not possible using X-ray alone (AXOI).

The system is available in various speed configurations and can be adapted to the customer-specific test strategies by means of two different image acquisition concepts.

Programming Software - PILOT AXI

... a software for AXI test program generation. The inspection process wizard allows fast and intuitive programming. The offline programming concept reduces machine downtimes.

  • extensive AXI/AXOI component library
  • CAD data import (ODB++, GenCAD, Gerber data, insertion data)
  • integrated debugging statistics for fast optimization of inspection programs
  • full offline programming away from the production line
  • intelligent data management for storing test results
  • numerous test functions for X-ray and AOI inspection

Machine Control Software – PILOT Inspect

... a machine control software for unified control of GOEPEL electronic inspection systems. The touch screen operating concept for accessing apps provides intuitive handling as well as clear and structured presentation of the most important information.

  • operation and control of inspection systems via system PC as well as on mobile devices
  • short training time through integrated information texts and video tutorials
  • software based on various apps (for example inspection, fault statistics, calibration, machine state)
    • status display on PILOT Inspect start page
  • reduced machine downtimes through targeted fault diagnosis with status display and troubleshooting hints
  • interaction with software module PILOT Connect
  • communication with MES systems  

Test Strategy I

All-over 2D/3D X-ray inspection with

MultiAngle Detector

  • x-ray inspection of all concealed and visible solder joints
  • scanning image acquisition
  • IPC compliant solder joint inspection
  • flexible use for 2D and 3D inspection

Test Strategy II

Selective 2D/2.5D/3D X-ray inspection with

StingRay Detector

  • x-ray inspection of selected areas
  • stop-and-go image acquisition
  • IPC compliant solder joint inspection
  • flexible use for 2D, 2.5D and 3D inspection
  • high-resolution analysis

AOI Option

Test tasks, which cannot be carried out with X-ray inspection, are covered by supplementary AOI sensors.

  • Polarity
  • script recognition (OCR)
  • colour recognition
  • register mark detection


Typical Applications

  • X-ray inspection of single/double-sided PCBs
  • BGA inspection
  • QFN, DFN, LGA testing
  • testing for voids
  • testing of the rear solder meniscus on gull-wing pins


versions X Line · 3D X10
X Line · 3D X40 / X40PLUS
X Line · 2D


in-line interfaceSMEMA, Siemens
device connections230 VAC, 1 kVA, 6 bar compressed
air, < 20 Nl/min *
typical power consumption< 700 W (average)
dimensions (wxdxh)base unit:
1596 mm x 1540 mm x 1470 mm
device with tube tower:
1596 mm x 1540 mm x 1720 mm
weightapprox. 2.5 t

X-ray technology

tube typezero-maintenance, sealed micro-focus X-ray tube
tube voltagemax. 130 kV
tube currentmax. 300 μA
tube outputmax. 39 W
detector typemulti-angle detector, real-time image capture from different angles
grey-scale resolution12 bits
detail resolutionvariable: 6 μm – 24 μm ***
3D processdigital tomosynthesis
3D inspection speedX Line · 3D X10: up to 10 cm²/s
X Line · 3D X40: up to 40 cm²/s X Line · 3D X40PLUS: > 40 cm²/s
calibrationgeometric and grey-value calibration, automatic stability monitoring 3
z-axis adjustmentcustomisable geometrical magnification by means of motorised vertical positioning of the tube
X-ray protectionin accordance with the German X-ray Ordinance RöV, three segments, radiation-proof, zero emissions

*** depending on upper component clearance

Optical image capture technology

resolution21 μm
field of view42 mm x 42 mm
lenstelecentric (pixel-adaptive objective)
lightingmulti-spectral lighting, selectable from blue to IR

PCB handling

transport height850 mm – 950 mm ± 25 mm
width adjustmentautomatic
PCB size (lxw)max. 450 mm x 400 mm 1
min. 60 mm x 50 mm 2
PCB thickness0.5 mm – 5 mm
PCB contact width≥ 3 mm
PCB weight≤ 1.5 kg
PCB deflectionautomatic compensation (laser)
component clearance of PCBbelow: 65 mm
above: max. 40 mm **
handling timeapprox. 5 s (parallel loading/unloading and inspection)

1. basic AOI module: 300 mm (l) x 400 mm (w); extended AOI module: 450 mm (l) x 400 mm (w)
2. smaller PCB sizes on request. Results in a longer handling time.
3. up to a PCB size of max. 450 mm (l) x 280 mm (w)

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