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Konark 820S

8 zone Lead Free Reflow oven

Konark 820S

Konark 820 is the new 8 zone Lead Free Reflow oven from EMS Technologies, Pune India. 

After successfully launching Konark 257 the 7 zone reflow and Konark 145 the 5 zone reflow with many machines working in the field (India as well as outside), this 8 zone is launched with two cooling zones as well. The reflow comes with same quality and reliability in terms of Mechanical as well as Electrical/Electronic parts, which is now proven in the field. 
EMS Technologies has now emerged as a leading Indian suplier of all SMT machines including Stencil Printers, Wave Soldering Machines and also low cost entry level Pick and Place machine. 

We need to change this to features title to Features list since application range will be pretty much same across product line - AR

Electrical Supply
Power input415V, 3ph, 50Hz
MCCB125A @ 415V
Switch ON power consumption42 KW
Steady state power consumptionAround 10.5 KW
Sequential zone turn onStanard 
Overall length4320mm
Overall width1320mm
Overall height (includes signal tower)1730mm
Nett weight1300kg
Shipping dimensions (L X W X H)4699 X 1755 X 1880mm
Shipping weight2200kg


Oven Control
PLC with PIDStandard
PC with LCD MonitorStandard
Data loggingStandard
Password protection Standard
Auto start software (Weekly/Daily timer)Standard
Hood liftingMotorised


Mesh Belt Conveyor (Standard)
Height from floor880 +/- 25mm
Maximum PCB width400mm
Clearance above mesh60mm
Mesh belt pitch12.5mm
Conveyor direction

Left to Right - standard

Right to Left - optional

Maximum conveyor speed2mtr/min / 200CPM
Conveyor speed controlClosed loop


Edge Pin Conveyor (Optional)
Height from floor900 +/- 25mm
Maximum PCB width50 / 400mm
Clearance above pins30mm
Clearance below pins35mm (without mesh below)
Support pin length3.5mm
Conveyor direction

Left to Right - standard

Right to Left - optional

Conveyor width adjustment

Motorised - stanard

Width setting through software - optional

Maximum conveyor speed2mtr/min / 200CPM
Conveyor speed controlClosed loop
Auto lubrication systemStandard

Edge pin above Mesh

(both conveyors)



Forced Convection Zones
Heater typeOpen coil
Total heating tunnel length2062mm
Total process length2620mm


Cooling Zones
No of cooling zonesTwo (air cooling)


Temperature Control
Type of temperature controlPID
Accuracy of temperature control+/- 1º C
Heater wattage per zone5000 W
Temperature rangeAmbient to 300º C


Additional Features

4 Channel, in-built profiler


Signal towerStandard
Power hood liftStandard
Board drop sensorStandard
Board counterStandard
Battery back up for conveyor (UPS)Optional
Center board supportOptional
Flux management systemOptional
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