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The SMD placement machine LD812 has been specially designed for use in the LED PCBs medium and high production quantities . The machine supports the processing of printed circuit boards with a length of up to 1200 mm (optionally up to 1800 mm ) .

Controlled air surges at the pick-up nozzles ensure the release of the " sticky " LED components during placement . Using the auto- selection system can be controlled to alternate feeder for empty indents without interruption to produce . In addition, allow the feeder band connections to minimize production interruptions.

Heavy welded frame ensure precise placement even at high speeds . The multi- head support achieved placement rates up to 15,000 Componets / Hour.

The model is equipped with an optical centering system that allows image processing directly on the placement head "Vision on the Fly" . Equipped with a dual conveyor system and intelligent software a high placement rate and efficiency in the pick -and-place process is guaranteed.

  • Heavy-duty welded, uni-body steel frame provides stability for precision placements even at high speeds
  • Upward-aimed true 'Vision On the Fly' Alignment cameras on the pick & place heads allow easy set-up for a wide range of LED components
  • Support various PCB board type, includes, LED boards up to 1200 mm long (or option to 1800mm), flexible PCB , or circular PCB
  • Flying vision alignment on various LED components as well as SMDs. Teflon® nozzles also available for sticky LED components
  • With simply parameters inputs, the Windows-based software calculate the component coordination automatically
  • UCAD® universal CAD import and conversion for direct transfer of PCB data from ASCII, AutoCAD and Excel data formats
  • Software tools analyze placement data and component mix to provide optimum feeder arrangement that minimizes head travel and tool changes
  • Real time monitoring screen for previewing production progress, production speed and production quantity during production
PCB specification
Max. board size (standard)1200mm X 300mm600mm X 300mm
(option conveyor)1200mm X 260mm600mm X 260mm
Board thickness0.2mm to 3mm
Board fixing principleMagnetic fixture (option conveyor)
Placement Specification
Alignment principleVision on the fly camera
No. of placement heads4343
Placement rate (max)15 000 / hour10 000 / hour15 000 / hour10 000 / hour
Component size1mm X 0.5mm to 8mm X 8mm1mm X 0.5mm to 16mm to 14mm1mm X 0.5mm to 8mm X 8mm1mm X 0.5mm to 16mm to 14mm
Feeder capacity    
Feeding capacityMax. 16 feeder ports (8mm tape)
Mechanical Specification
XY axis drive mechanismX axis: placement head; Y axis: board transport
Board loading methodWorking stage (option conveyor)
In line productionSupported by option conveyor system
Placement accuracy+/-0.05mm
X-Y Axis Resolution0.02mm
Z Axis Resolution0.02mm
R Axis Resolution0.18 degree
Operation systemWindows XP based
Support languageEnglish (mult language support)
ProgrammingEasy programming (option CAD import)
Physical specification
Approximate Net Weight450KG445KG380KG375KG
Machine dimension (LxWxH)2630mm X 1130mm X 1490mm2630mm X 1130mm X 1490mm1230mm X 1130mm X 1491mm1230mm X 1130mm X 1491mm
Facility Requirements     
Air Pressure5.5 bar
Standard Voltage220V(AC)
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